Castlevania Season 3 Reveals All of Its Hidden Easter Eggs

Castlevania's third season on Netflix hit the ground floor running, becoming a success with viewers and causing the streaming service to confirm that a fourth season was in the works shortly following its debut. With the latest story line of Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard attempting to navigate a world where Dracula is no longer a part of it, Netflix has decided to give hungry fans a better look into some of the bigger easter eggs from the season that they may have missed on the first go around when it came to their initial binge session!

Castlevania's third season was unique from the first two season not simply due to Dracula's absence but also with the trio now being split and attempting to take on brand new threats and struggle with existential and internal threats. Alucard for example is struggling with his own loneliness while simultaneously taking on two new students who are attempting to become vampire hunters themselves, with secrets of their own. Trevor and Sypha meanwhile were looking to save a small town from a cult of Dracula that is not only looking to resurrect their master by open the gates of hell themselves. With the anime focusing on so many moving parts, it's a testament to the writing, animation, and character work that the Netflix original has become so beloved.

Netflix posted a quick video showing a handful of easter eggs that prove that the creators behind the Castlevania series put in a number of different items from the video games proper, paying homage to the likes of Castlevania Symphony of the Night and Castlevania Legacy of Darkness to name a few:

While Season Four hasn't been given a release date as of yet, we can probably expect it to follow Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard dealing with the growing armies of both Isaac and Carmilla who are using devil forger powers to turn the bodies of the death into demons that have arisen straight from hell. The series may not follow the storyline of the video games to the letter, it's clear that there are more than a few references to the source material!


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