What You Need To Know Before Watching Castlevania Season 3

With the release of the third season of Castlevania nigh on Netflix, what better time than now than to give everyone a refresher course on the anime series and dive into the things you need to know before diving into the further adventures of Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard. Following the second season finale the animated series, the world of the vampire hunters has changed significantly, though it ultimately may not be for the better. Season Three will bring to viewers new heroes and villains that populate the world of vampires and demons, making for the greatest season of the series to date!

To start, let's do a quick overview of the series and the events of the second season. Following the death of Dracula's human wife at the hands of a superstitious church, Vlad the Impaler swears revenge on humanity and vows to eradicate mankind with the forces of hell at his side. With Trevor Belmont, a heavy drinking sarcastic vampire hunter in a long line of vampire hunters, being wrapped into the events, he is joined on his quest to save humanity and kill Dracula by Sypha and Alucard. Sypha is a spell casting, element bending "seer" while Alucard is the son of Dracula who wield insane vampiric powers that he deals out routinely.

In the finale of the second season, the trio did the unthinkable and killed Dracula by combining their powers in one of the biggest fights of the series. With the king of the vampires now dead, season three will explore a new world where vampires have a power struggle and the forces of darkness are split among numerous factions. With Dracula gone, we will be introduced to the likes of the vampire Carmilla's sisters who are looking to take advantage of the new power vacuum. Alongside these vampire vixens, we also have the continuing story of the devil forgers Hector, currently held captive by Carmilla, and Isaac, who is looking to continue Dracula's quest of eradicating mankind with an army of demons at his back.

On the hero side of things, Saint Germain will be introduced as a mysterious figure touting at a world much bigger than we've seen so far. Also, without vying too deeply into spoiler territory, Alucard will find himself introduced to some brand new characters as he struggles with the loneliness presented following the death of his own father. Needless to say, season three is going to have many different moving parts and while there are many things to keep in mind, it still arrives as the best Castlevania season to date!

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