Castlevania Season Three Unveils Controversial Alucard Sex Scene

Castlevania hasn't shied away from featuring its fair share of gore and nudity in the past, but Season Three takes thing up a brand new level with a controversial sex scene involving the son of Dracula, Alucard. Season Three brings Alucard into a brand new set of problems, mostly focusing on just what he does following the death of his father. Needless to say, this most recent season of the vampire hunting anime series from Netflix has decided to push the envelope with some controversial sex scenes and bloody action for the trio of vampire hunters that we've come to love!

Warning! We'll be diving into some serious spoilers for the story of Alucard in Season Three of Castlevania, so if you don't want to be spoiled on the events, steer clear of the remainder of this article!

Alucard, who is battling some serious loneliness as he lives in the castle created by his father, goes so far as to create hilarious rag doll versions of Trevor and Sypha, talking with him following his morning breakfast. Luckily, the dolls are not involved in said sex scene. The son of Dracula instead encounters a brother and sister named Taka and Sumi from the East, looking to increase their skills and power in order to combat vampires in their homeland.

With the two warriors sharing their terrifying story with Alucard, a bond is formed between the trio as Alucard begins sharing his secrets with them and training them to be effective vampire hunters. With multiple episodes building their relationship, the siblings approach Alucard in his bed and begin having sex with the half vampire at the same time! Unfortunately for Alucard, Sumi and Taka were simply leading him on, and trap the son of Dracula to his bed.

With the pair believing that Alucard is simply using them, not revealing how to use magic, they raise swords above his chest as he is trapped, leaving the half vampire with little recourse. Taking control of his sword, Alucard slashes their throats and mourns at what he was forced to do. The final time we see Alucard this season, he placed both the siblings on pikes outside of his castle, taking one step closer to becoming that much more like his father.


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