Chainsaw Man Teases How Much Stronger Denji is Now

Chainsaw Man is revving up for the next major phase of Part 2 of the series, and the newest chapter has really hit home just how much Denji has grown in power since we have seen him in action last! The original Chainsaw Man run saw Denji struggle through his work as the Chainsaw Man until he reached a point of acceptance within himself and totally defeated Makima leading into the new series. With Part 2 of the manga taking place some time after the events of the first run, Denji's gone through some more changes in the meantime as well.

Chainsaw Man reintroduced Denji back to the series in quite the explosive fashion in the previous chapters as it displayed what kind of hero the devil hunter is for now, and the newest chapter of the series revealed that while he's changing on the outside, Denji himself has been staying the same. All the while his devil hero side has become so strong that he's eliminated wars and much of the world's violence in the time since defeating Makima back in the first part. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 104 of Chainsaw Man reveals that the War Devil's real beef with Denji is the fact that he's reduced war to such a state that Yoru is thus losing its power overall. Yoru explains to Asa that the two of them fought a long time ago, and "Chainsaw Man gets back up no matter how many times you kill him." This led to Yoru's loss to Denji back then, and it's also teased that Denji ate some of the War Devil following their fight. It's gotten to the point where Denji has become so dominant that he's the reason there hasn't been another war since part one. 

It's the kind of power and versatility that Denji was teased to have during the first part of the series, and it seems through all of his fights since then he's evolved to become an even more dangerous type of fighter. But at the same time, Denji himself isn't really reflecting these changes as he's basically the same as he's ever been before. So while he might be getting more powerful, fans can rest easy knowing he's still the same at his core

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