Chainsaw Man Fan Explains the Series in Quick Animation

While Spy x Family might be the big new series of the moment, it is set to have some serious competition in the form of Studio MAPPA's Chainsaw Man. With the first section of the manga already coming to a close long before the franchise would receive its first television series, one hilarious fan animation attempts to capture the entirety of the initial tale of Denji in a video that explains Chainsaw Man in under one minute's time.    

Chainsaw Man first hit the scene in 2018, with the story quickly becoming a fan favorite despite the fact that it hasn't received a television series of its own. Though the first half of the series has already come to a close, creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has promised that Denji and his "friends" will be making a comeback, promising that a second chapter of the manga is on its way. While the ending of the first "season" has something of a definitive ending, you won't find many fans complaining that Chainsaw Man is readying a comeback.

A Reddit User shared this hilarious fan animation that sees the totality of the first major chapter of Chainsaw Man told in around one minute, though some of these events might be a little confusing for those who have yet to experience the story of Denji and his beloved pooch for themselves:

ChainsawMan in under 1 minute from ChainsawMan

Though Fujimoto has taken a break from the world of Denji and devils as the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man is nigh, that hasn't stopped the mangaka from churning out new manga stories in the meantime. In the recently released one-shot, Goodbye Eri, Tatsuki was able to show off their skills once again, creating a heart-wrenching tale that blends the world of film-making with the supernatural. Needless to say, Fujimoto has developed quite a following over the years and it has been most assuredly earned thanks to the likes of Chainsaw Man and more. 


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