Chainsaw Man Rumors Suggest the Series Will End Soon

Chainsaw Man sounds like a ridiculous premise from afar, but fans will readily admit the manga has become one of the best under Shonen Jump. The series is a bit outlandish as it follows a man who is turned into a chainsaw hybrid after his dog sacrifices their life for him. The overtly violent series turned plenty off before its story shifted into a delicious bite of psychological horror. And if a new rumor is right, it sounds like Chainsaw Man will end soon while it is still feeling hot.

The rumor has started to circulate online from noted Twitter fan-pages such as RanobeSugoi. It was there fans were told Chainsaw Man is entering its final phase this fall. As you can imagine, fans weren't thrilled by the news, and they were distraught to find other profiles backing the rumor.

At this point, Shueisha has not said anything about the series ending, and creator Tatsuki Fujimoto has kept quiet as well. There is no official record of the manga's impending finale, but fans say the rumored cut isn't surprising. After all, Chainsaw Man wasn't designed to be a long title by any means, and its most recent chapters feel very final.

After all, fans watched as recent chapters of Chainsaw Man unlocked new forms and welcomed unseen forms. The protagonist Denji has finally snapped after being tortured and traumatized by Makima for so long. He is determined to do away with the manipulative Devil even if it kills him. But given her cunning tricks, fans know it will be easier said than done to eliminate Makima for good.

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