Chainsaw Man Cosplay Roars With Denji

Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular manga running to date, and even without an anime adaptation, fans are sharing their love of the series in unique ways with one fan going so far as to create cosplay of the idiosyncratic protagonist in Denji! Though an anime series has yet to be revealed for the bizarre franchise, we are crossing our fingers that the insane world of demons and monsters and a protagonist who is simply hoping to get enough money to eat regular meals while also looking to get a date for the first time in his life.

In the same vein as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Chainsaw Man is absolutely insane, imaging a protagonist who merges with his "chainsaw dog" to become the strange looking hero you see before you. The manga itself has become a sure fire hit in the medium and we're hoping that a big anime studio will take up the task of trying to bring this story to life on the small screens. Chainsaw Man feels similar to the recently released anime series that hit Netflix in Devilman: Crybaby in that it takes tragic, idiosyncratic characters and places them into a supernatural environment!

Twitter User RageGearProps shared this amazing cosplay that brings to life Denji in his powered up form who is fit to bursting with chainsaws, clearly proving that he has become a force for slaying demons in the supernatural world presented in Chainsaw Man:

Denji himself is a unique anime protagonist in that he battles demons in a bid to pay off his debt to the mob, while simultaneously barely scraping by, eating little to no food with his dog while praying to one day have a girlfriend to spend his days with. We could definitely sese an animation studio such as David Production, Wit Studio, or TRIGGER bringing to life the popular manga series that mixes a good amount of drama with some insane demon hunting action along the way.


What do you think of this amazing Chainsaw Man Cosplay? Do you think we'll see a full blown anime given to the hero who happens to have chainsaws for arms? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the the insane world of chainsaw demons!