Chainsaw Man Will Be Releasing Its Manga in Full Color

The bloody manga focusing on Denji and his struggles in battling against demons as Chainsaw Man has rocketed in popularity and remains one of the most popular printed stories that has yet to receive an anime adaptation. While the anime series for Tatsuki Fujimoto's black comedy might still not arrive for some time, the printed story will be receiving a full-color print that will present Chainsaw Man in a brand new light as fans await both the television series and the return of the manga's story proper.

The creation of mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto first premiered as a manga series in 2018, introducing us to a bloody world in which a naive youngster named Denji goes from a wayward assassin for the mafia into the harbinger of the Chainsaw Devil, using his newfound powers to battle devils around the world while attempting to find a girlfriend and secure three square meals a day. In 2020, the first part of the manga series drew to a close, though the creator hasn't been shy about the fact that he plans on bringing the story back in a follow-up chapter that is sure to touch upon many unanswered questions from the initial run.

The upcoming digital release is set to arrive later this month on December 20th, with the Twitter Outlet of Chainsaw Man News sharing a look at some of the upcoming colored pages from the supernatural story that mastered at blending humor and horror as fans followed the gory adventure of Denji:

When Chainsaw Man was announced to receive an anime adaptation, fans were elated when it was revealed that Studio MAPPA would be involved, having sharpened their skills on anime series such as Attack On Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen to name a few. With this year's Jump Festa around the corner, the annual event that normally reveals major plans for the future of several Shonen series, fans are crossing their fingers that both the release date of the anime and the release date of the second part of the manga series, will be revealed.

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