Chainsaw Man Part 2 Sets Reported Release Window

Chainsaw Man has set its reported release window for Part 2 of Tatsuki Fujimoto's original manga series! Chainsaw Man isn't getting an anime adaptation until some time next year (if current reports are to be believed), but even without one the manga has been steadily growing its audience from a cult following to the massive reader base it has right now. It was due to the strength of the manga releases alone, and fans were surprised to find that Fujimoto had actually prepared to end the series' run in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine right when the series was really revving up. 

When the manga came to an end last December, it was announced that the series would be debuting its own anime adaptation alongside a major manga continuation surprise. It might have been the end of the series' run in Shonen Jump, but the series will be continuing with an official Part 2 in a different Shueisha release. As for when this new part will be kicking off, the current report from @WSJ_manga on Twitter notes that the manga is set to resume with Part 2 some time next year but does not give a narrower release window beyond that. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

It has been quite a while since it was first announced, but Fujimoto has been very vague about what to expect from Chainsaw Man Part 2. Outside of a mysterious teaser image released earlier this year featuring Denji and the new Control Devil (who watching over will be one of the major stories kicking off the next era of Denji's journey as the Chainsaw Man), released earlier this year, all that Fujimoto has revealed about the next part is that it will deal with Denji as he tries to have a normal school life while still fighting devils as the Chainsaw Man. 

Fujimoto has previously expressed that Part 1 of the series was known as the "Public Safety Arc" and Part 2 of the series will be dubbed the "School Life Arc." This was teased by the final moments of the first part that saw Denji happily fighting demons while being heralded as a young hero, and if this report is correct then we will be seeing much more from Part 2 next year. If the anime also hits, then fans will have a lot to celebrate! 


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