Akira Fans Believe the Story Predicted the Coronavirus Outbreak

They say the truth can be stranger than fiction, but it seems both are insane more often than not. [...]

They say the truth can be stranger than fiction, but it seems both are insane more often than not. The real world is impossible to predict, but plenty have tried their hands. It isn't easy channeling Nostradamus and most don't even come close to matching the man's predictions, but fans of the manga Akira are asking whether the story managed to predict the Coronavirus outbreak amongst several things.

As reported by Sora News 24, the ordeal began when a tweet from Helloing creator Kouta Hirano went viral. The artist first shared the image last July when the protesting in Hong Kong began in earnest. It was there Hirano compared a striking photo from the protests to one drawn in Akira, and fans were amazed by their similarities with some questioning if the series somehow predicted the ordeal.

Now, that same tweet has resurfaced from the summer after netizens noticed a hidden sign. The background sees a protester armed with a road sign standing before a poster reading, "World Health Organization response to infectious disease outbreak criticized."

Of course, this discovery struck readers differently. today. Decades ago, Akira's creator could not have known an infectious disease like the Coronavirus would become a threat in 2020, the same year they set this post-apocalyptic story. When discussing the end of the world, protests and diseases are par for the course, but the rise of the Coronavirus has prompted some fans to view Akira in a new light.

A slew of netizens have since taken to Twitter asking whether Akira predicted 2020 as a whole. From the Tokyo Olympics to political protests and more, things are lining up eerily well, but unrest is almost a guarantee at any point in time. But as Asia and Japan continue grappling with a Coronavirus outbreak, some cannot help but wonder what if.

As for Akira, the story continues to grow even years after its debut, and 2020 is a landmark year for the title. Not only does is mark the year the story takes place, but it will be involved with the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. A live-action movie was meant to get underway adapting Akira, but director Taika Waititi is no longer sure he'll be able to oversee the project. But given the manga's evergreen story, there is no doubt someone will be able to revive Akira on film before long.