Cowboy Bebop Star John Cho Writes Powerful Essay About Asian Americans and the Pandemic

The upcoming live action adaptation of the legendary anime classic known as Cowboy Bebop has been stifled by a number of accidents and delays that have postponed the release of the series, and the star of the series John Cho has recently released a powerful new essay regarding Asian Americans and how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their lives. With Cho getting an injury that caused production on the series to be delayed, fans have been wondering how his version of Spike Spiegel will be brought to life and with this essential essay, it's clear that Cho has a clear sense of determination inside.

John Cho has been an actor in Hollywood for a number of years, really making a name for himself with the stoner comedy classic in Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle. With a number of movie and television projects added to his resume over the decades, the upcoming Cowboy Bebop has clearly caused a number of fans to revisit his past works and create a number of conversations to determine whether or not he is the best option in their minds for bringing Spike Spiegel to life. With the coronavirus pandemic creating a time of uncertainty, Cho's article arrives during an essential time and holds a powerful message for Asian Americans across the country.

Twitter User Viet_T_Nguyen shared an excerpt from the powerful essay that John Cho had written for the LA Times, with the actor noting that he believes the status fo Asian Americans can "turn on a dime" and that we must all be willing to show our neighbors a sense of fairness and understanding:


In these uncertain times, it's important for everyone to rally together and watch out for each other, with this essay from John Cho being a strong reminder of how the United States as a whole should act as one community and not dive into a world of hatred. If you have the opportunity to read this "Op-Ed", definitely take some time to review it!

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