Deadpool Manga Pays Perfect Homage to Demon Slayer

When it comes to Demon Slayer, the franchise's popularity knows no bounds. From its manga to the anime, Tanjiro cannot be stopped when it comes to sales. In fact, Demon Slayer has become so huge that bigwigs in the West can no longer ignore it, and Deadpool was all too happy to pay tribute to Tanjiro in a new update.

The moment went down in the most recent chapter of the Deadpool manga. At just a few issues in, the Marvel manga seems to be a hit with readers, and Wade Wilson is just as uncouth here as you would expect. That is why the front page of this new chapter pays homage to Demon Slayer, and it does so in the best way we can imagine.

You can see the gag for yourself above. In the new cover art, the iconic picture shown in volume one of Demon Slayer gets a makeover. Tanjiro and Nezuko are replaced by Deadpool, and it is some kind of strange seeing Nezuko placed with a masked Wade Wilson.

The artwork is gorgeous as you would expect, so you can see real care was put into this piece. After all, Demon Slayer has a lot of fans, so it would not be wise to mock the manga so blatantly. Wade Wilson is a tough guy, but even he would be hurt if a million fans came tearing after him.

Clearly, Deadpool knows greatness when it shows itself, so there was never a doubt Demon Slayer was going to get a knock. Wade loves to make pop culture references, and no series in Japan is more popular than this. Now, it is only a matter of time before Deadpool tries to imitate Luffy, and that will be a must-see event for everyone to read!


What do you make of this Demon Slayer homage? Do other Marvel heroes need to team up with Tanjiro? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.