Demon Slayer Fan Dumps Partner for Trashing Their Nezuko Collection

Demon Slayer seems to be the series on everyone's mind these days. Over in Japan, the film has all but rescued the box office as its debut film has made over $200 million USD since its debut. The film is on track to become the highest-grossing at the Japanese box office, and the anime is pushing up manga sales to this day. This means the series has amassed a legion of fans around the world, and many of them are sending condolences to a Taiwanese fan who just lost all their Demon Slayer figures to an ex.

The man in question posted a message about his ordeal to Facebook which World of Buzz first reported on. It was there he told fans his girlfriend threw away nearly $3,500 USD worth of Demon Slayer figures after leaving on a trip for two days.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Mugen Train Nezuko
(Photo: Aniplex of America)

According to the post, the man considers Nezuko to be his favorite lead in Demon Slayer, so the majority of his collection involved the girl. After he returned home to find his figures missing, the man says he broke up with his girlfriend because of the ordeal.

"I didn't care that you watched Korean dramas and swooning after the stars all the time, is it that difficult to just respect each others' preferences," the man wrote in the post, addressing his ex's own pop culture interests.

The post says the ex tossed the figures because they took up too much room, and the writer said she asked him to cut back on his anime consumption. In fact, he conceded to the point of not seeing the Demon Slayer movie in theaters once it reached Taiwan. Sadly, it seems the figures are gone for good as the poster even checked with the disposal service who collected the trash. And if the man cannot get compensation for the figures, he says he will consider legal options moving forward.


Clearly, this ordeal is a difficult one, and it highlights some serious do's and don't's when it comes to relationships. If you happen to be dating an otaku, you shouldn't expect them to change just for you. And if you don't like their best girl - well, it is best for everyone if you separate without any drama such as this.

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