Demon Slayer Unleashes Its Own Line of Polaroid Cameras

Demon Slayer is tearing up the charts in Japan right now following the release of its first feature length film, Mugen Train, into theaters, and it seems that fans will be able to experience the adventures of Tanjiro, Nezuko, and their demon slaying friends in a brand new way with polaroid cameras themed after the popular Shonen series. The cameras themselves will be taking the aesthetics from both Tanjiro and Nezuko, but each polaroid camera will also come with a box that holds the same appearance as Nezuko's favorite sleeping spot in the popular anime franchise.

Fuji Films has these new cameras available for pre-order beginning on November 25th of this year, with a full release slated to drop on December 10th. Demon Slayer continues to easily be one of the biggest Shonen franchises released in the past few years, seemingly doing the impossible and being able to dethrone Eiichiro Oda's swashbuckling epic of One Piece when it comes to overall manga sales. Though a second season of the anime by animation studio Ufotable has yet to be announced, it is a certainty at this point that the adventures of Tanjiro and his crew will be coming to the small screen down the line once again.

Twitter Outlet Mantan Web shared the details about the upcoming Demon Slayer polaroid cameras that will let fans snap some shots that they can throw into the same box that has protected Nezuko from a number of threats throughout the anime franchise created by Koyoharu Gotouge:

Demon Slayer's first movie is so far one of the most profitable movies released in Japan to date, having brought in a staggering $220 USD million before it has even hit theaters in North America. Following Tanjiro, Nezuko, and several members of the Demon Slayer Corps as they hop aboard a runaway train that is packed with supernatural threats, it's clear that the Shonen series has carved out a massive fan base in the world of anime today.


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