Demon Slayer Cosplay Pops Out With Nezuko In A Box

Perhaps there is no stranger character in terms of appearance within the franchise of Demon Slayer than Nezuko, the sister of Tanjiro that is struggling with a demonic infection that threatens to swallow her humanity, with one Cosplayer deciding to show off the young girl's preferred method of conveyance! With Tanjiro travelling the countryside in an attempt to save humanity from demons and discover a cure for his sister's affliction, Nezuko is usually strapped to his back via a box he slings across his shoulders. Needless to say, it's a unique display that this cosplay completely nails!

Nezuko ended the first season of Demon Slayer by exhibiting some brand spanking new powers that seem to put her in a power class all her own, during the fight that her brother had with the "Spider Clan". Using some "Demon Blood" powers, Nezuko was able to break free of some wire like webbing and assist her brother in taking down the young leader of the clan. With Nezuko slated to return alongside Tanjiro in the feature length film of Demon Slayer: Infinity Train, it's clear that the demon hybrid will continue having a big role to play in the popular anime franchise!

Instagram Cosplayer JS_Cosplay shared this amazing interpretation of Nezuko peeking her head outside of the box that Tanjiro usually has on his back, and harboring an insane amount of strength that comes with the demonic infection that is putting a serious hamper in both her and her brother's lives:

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"Humans are to be protected and saved...I will never hurt them" Photo: @totomarvs #demonslayer #nezuko

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Demon Slayer has hit the ground floor running since its anime's debut last year, propelling the franchise to new heights and even having it overcome the critically acclaimed manga of One Piece in the process. Though Nezuko was first introduced as a human being, the attack that killer her family transformed her into a demon in the making, only able to stave off the infection thankns in part to the due dilligence of her brother as well as the strength of her own character. It will be interesting to see how this side of her continues to manifest in the future, as it's clear that it has given her an extreme power boost so far.

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