Demon Slayer Teases the Anime's Take on Giyu's Backstory

Demon Slayer has kept fans on pins and needles ahead of season two going live. The franchise has trailed fans for well over a year as season two continued work behind the scenes. Now, the series is slated to return this fall, and all eyes are on Tanjiro. But thanks to a special teaser, fans are turning their gaze to Giyu for a very important reason.

If you live in Japan at the moment, you may know Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba season one is going through a rerun. This outing has been hugely successful overseas, and Fuji TV has added some new footage to certain episodes. It was there fans saw a clip teasing Giyu's backstory, and it has the fandom freaking out.

Not much was shown for Giyu's history, but it does show the boy as a child. The bright-eyed kid looks very young here, and one still does put him by his older sister. However, if you know the manga inside and out, his sister meets a tragic fate. This leads to Giyu meeting Sakonji Urokodaki after a series of events, and Giyu goes on to join the Demon Slayer Corps. By the time fans meet the fighter, he is known as the Water Hashira, and Tanjiro looks to Giyu with equal parts fear and respect.

So far, the Demon Slayer anime has not touched upon Giyu's history, but fans have been looking forward to that moment. Season one did not delve into the story, and Giyu wasn't the focus of Demon Slayer's first movie. Now, fans are wondering if this teaser foreshadows Giyu's role in season two this fall. But in the worst-case scenario, well - this short sequence is all we will get about Giyu's backstory.


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