Demon Slayer Producer Gives Update on 'Mugen Train' Movie

Demon Slayer is one of the series fans cannot miss nowadays. After making its anime debut last year, the fantasy series has become one of Japan's leading most popular series on film and in print. As Demon Slayer continues to amass fans from around the globe, more people than ever are eager to see what comes from the anime's first-ever film, and its producer wants all of those fans to know things are going well with the project.

Ahead of Anime Japan's original start date, the producer of Demon Slayer spoke with TOKYO FM about the anime. It was there Yuma Takahashi assured fans all is well with the film.

According to translator AnimeTV on Twitter, the page confirmed Takahashi and his team "worked on the production of the film on an ongoing basis."

demon slayer movie anime
(Photo: ufotable)

"That is to say after the last scene of the anime, he had continued the sequel) they decided to make a film for the best and what is the most correct for the sequel to the anime. The production progresses every day with very good quality. The film will be released this year," the translator shared.

Looking over these details, it seems like the Demon Slayer team has been very busy. The show might have wrapped its first season awhile back, but its crew never left Tanjiro and Nezuko behind. The plans were in place for the Mugen Train movie before the first season ever wrapped which gave fans the chance to roll into production. Now, all fans have to do is wait for a release date to go live, and fans of Demon Slayer could use the good news these days.


And if those fans cannot wait for an update, they can keep themselves plugged into Demon Slayer in other ways. For one, the series is available to watch all over again through sites like Crunchyroll, and its manga has been licensed by VIZ Media. You can keep up with new chapters of Demon Slayer weekly thanks to the publisher's simulpub of Weekly Shonen Jump!

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