Will Demon Slayer's Season 2 Break Delay Its New Arc?

Demon Slayer is pushing ahead with season two these days, and all eyes are on the series to see how it goes. As you can imagine, the pressure is on the team to deliver. As it turns out, the show is doing fabulously by fans, and many are waiting on its second arc to go live. But with a break on the horizon, will the show have to delay its big launch?

Well, let's try to talk through the ordeal. The whole thing came up this weekend when news went live regarding a delay. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is headed towards a break as its October 31st episode has been delayed. This means the episode that would have aired will now debut on November 7th, so you can see how that might skew things.

However, it seems the team behind Demon Slayer was prepared for this shift. After all, the second season has not shifted its new arc's premiere date. It seems the Entertainment District arc will debut on December 5th despite the delay and for good reason.

And why is that? Well, the anime's team put a one-week break in its original schedule. The show wanted to give enough room just in case a delay like this happened, and it has come. This means Demon Slayer season two will carry on with its new arc in December, so fans can rest easy about the long-awaited premiere.

After all, Demon Slayer season two is covering familiar territory at the moment. The show is redoing the Mugen Train arc which its first film covered with high praise last fall. The TV series is doing its own take now, so diehard fans are wading through a recap at the moment. But when the anime's new arc goes live, well - everybody will be in uncharted territory with each new episode!

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