Demon Slayer Season 2 Just Dealt Tengen a Major Bad Blow

Demon Slayer's Tengen Uzui is a far different Hashira than what we came to know with Rengoku during the story of the Mugen Train, with the Sound Hashira being a far "flashier" swordsman than his predecessor who was killed at the hands of the demon Akaza. Though Tengen can certainly handle himself in a fight, it seems that the latest brawl in the Entertainment District Arc has seen him receive a major wound that might just tilt the battle in the direction of the demons and spell serious trouble for Tanjiro and his friends. 

Gyutaro isn't just one of the strongest demons to appear in Kyoharu Gotouge's series to date via its anime adaptation, he's also one of the most disturbing as his demon abilities allow him to manipulate his blood and transform it into weapons. Using his fluids to create "Flying Blood Scythes," Gyutaro not only has super fast blades, but said blades are also tipped to the brim with poison, with a number of them making contact with Tengen during their initial encounter that is sure to determine the future of the Entertainment District.

Tengen Uzui isn't a samurai or ronin like other members of the Demon Slayer Corps, but rather, trained in the art of ninjutsu, focusing his skills on quick attacks and subterfuge. As a part of his training, the Sound Hashira was able to develop a resistance to most poisons, allowing him to live through Gyutaro's attacks…for now.

Unfortunately for the powerful ninja, Gyutaro's poison is still doing its job, albeit very slowly, as Tengen is beginning to realize that even his resistance isn't enough to stave off the effects for much longer, weakening him and slowing his movements during this critical time. Though Tanjiro has leaped back into the fray to lend the flashy Hashira a helping hand, Tengen's number might be up all the same.

Gyutaro might be the main threat in this latest battle, but his sister Daki is still proving to be a big hindrance to the young members of the Demon Slayer Corps, with both Inosuke and Zenitsu attempting to bring her down as her belt continues to flail wildly like the arms of Marvel's Otto Octavius.

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