Demon Slayer Cliffhanger Finally Brings Inosuke to the Fight

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has finally brought Inosuke Hashibira to the fight with the cliffhanger from the newest episode! Season 2 of the series has gotten off to a divisive start as it is currently tackling a retelling of the Mugen Train arc previously explored in the events of the Mugen Train film. Following a brief delay of its newest episode, the series has now kicked into high gear as Tanjiro and the others are finally breaking out of their respective dreams and taking the fight directly to the demon behind the Mugen Train disappearances

Previous episodes of the new season saw Tanjiro and the others falling under Enmu's spell that had put them to sleep in order to make them easy pickings to take out. But Tanjiro soon discovered that he was not only trapped within a dream, but once he awakened, had tracked the scent of the demon to its source. Tanjiro also figured out that the demon behind it all was no easy win either as their initial fight produced quite the unexpected result. Thankfully, the final moments of the episode teased Inosuke's big comeback. 

(Photo: ufotable)

Episode 4 of the series picked up right after Tanjiro figured out that taking his life in his dream meant that he would wake back up in the real world, and after tracking Enmu's scent to the top of the train, he soon began his battle with the demon. Although he was easily able to cut off Enmu's head with a well placed technique, it was soon revealed that Enmu had devoured so many humans already that he's evolved to the point where his real body has essentially morphed into the Mugen Train itself. 

Immediately worried about all of the innocent people on the train that he wouldn't be able to defend on his own, he starts crying out to the others in the hopes they'd wake up to help. These cries get through to Inosuke and the fighter quickly makes his presence known by not only tearing through a bunch of tentacles, but puncturing through the roof of the train as well. Now with Tanjiro and Inosuke both facing off against Enmu, the slayers have a better chance at victory yet. 

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