Demon Slayer Reveals Zenitsu's Ultimate Dream

The Mugen Train has left the station and the swordsmen of Demon Slayer are attempting to save their own skins while battling against the dreams of a demon that grant them their deepest desires, and Zenitsu's is about what many fans of the popular Shonen series would expect. With the lightning-based warrior normally only able to unleash his ultimate attack while unconscious, Enmu's spell gives him the opportunity to live out his biggest fantasy, which is one of the most hilarious moments in the retelling of the first film of the Shonen series. 

On one side of the spectrum, Tanjiro is living out a twisted fantasy in which he is able to reunite with the deceased members of his family that got the ball rolling on the story created by Koyoharu Gotouge, while also running into a version of his sister Nezuko that had never become a demon herself. With Tanjiro realizing that he must commit suicide in the dream in order to free himself of Enmu's power, Zenitsu is another story altogether as his dream is far more hilarious in nature rather than a tragedy in the making like the main swordsman.

(Photo: Ufotable)

As we witness in the latest episode, Zenitsu's fantasy is one where he is freed from the shackles of attacking demons and is instead running through the countryside with a very human version of Nezuko on his back, the two clearly in love with one another. No longer needing to wield his sword against monsters, there's a certain relief in seeing a version of the yellow brawler that isn't relegated to a state of terror and can simply spend his days with the love of his life. Of course, it is yet to be seen if Zenitsu will go the same route as his friend Tanjiro and take his own life in the dream to free himself.

Rengoku and Inosuke also have dreams of their own, that are far more humorous than horrifying, though the fact remains that the only way to free themselves is by performing a bloody feat to break the chains introduced by Enmu.

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