Detective Conan And Shin-Chan Films Delayed Due To CoronaVirus

The CoronaVirus has been taking a heavy toll on the world of anime along with numerous other entertainment industries around the world, and it seems as if the franchises of Detective Conan and Crayon Shin-Chan have both been affected as both of their movies that were slated to release this year will be delayed as a result. The two franchises are some of the longest running animes in Japan, making a name for themselves with hundreds of anime episodes and numerous feature length films that follow the two child protagonists through unorthodox adventures!

Detective Conan's 24th feature length film was set to be released later this month, focusing on the adolescent detective who was transformed from a young man to a young boy thanks in part to a nefarious plot created by the mob as he attempts to solve a mystery involving one the fastest bullet train in Japan! The irony being that the bullet train was tied to a larger than life sporting event, which is similar to how the CoronaVirus has caused the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics to be postponed as well.

Crayon Shin-Chan was set to release it's 28th feature length film, following the trouble making young boy as he discovers a magical kingdom that goes by the name of Rakuga which holds a magical crayon within in! Shin-Chan is a hilarious series that has been running for decades in Japan, with the anime series venturing into the hilarity of the mundane while Detective Conan tends to focus on mysteries that the adolescent private investigator must solve!

While the Crayon Shin-Chan announcement was publicized through an outside publication, Detective Conan's Official Twitter Account dropped the news that the 24th film in the series would be postponed as to avoid public gatherings and help stop the spread of the CoronaVirus:


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