'Detective Pikachu' Sequel Coming From '22 Jump Street' Writer

A sequel to the upcoming Detective Pikachu film is already in development with a 22 Jump Street scribe behind it.

The Pokemon movie has not yet made its way to theaters but huge praise for early trailers and previews have Warner Bros. and Legendary are moving forward with a sequel. While Ryan Reynolds will return as the titular electric Pokemon, with Oren Uziel on board to write it.

Uziel is best known for 22 Jump Street and The Cloverfield Paradox but also has Men in Black International on the way with a November 8 release and is at work on a Supergirl feature for Warner Bros..

Moving forward with a sequel ahead of Detective Pikachu's release is a great show of confidence from the studio. The film's May 10 release date marks the second year in a row a powerhouse film starring Reynolds prompted a major Avengers movie to jump up a week. In 2018, Avengers: Infinity War hopped up from May 4 to April 27 to space itself out from Deadpool 2. Earlier this year, Avengers: Endgame jumped from its May 3 plans to April 26, giving it a week of breathing room with Detective Pikachu.

Early reactions to the Detective Pikachu trailer had ComicBook.com predicting a Marvel Cinematic Universe rival in the form of a big screen world for Pokemon finally being realized. In fact, the Pokemon franchise is already one of the highest grossing titles in the world in terms of video games, merchandise, card games, TV shows, and animated movies. Detective Pikachu is its first endeavor into the live-action world and seems to be on its way toward becoming a massive success.

Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10, 2019. Its sequel does not yet have a release date.

(via THR)