Digimon Reboot Reveals Omnimon's Epic Comeback

Digimon Adventure knows how to stay busy, and the franchise has made that quite clear with its comeback. This year, the series took a chance with rebooting its original anime, and it seems to be paying off. After all, the third episode of the Digimon Adventure reboot is here, and it has made room for one of the franchise's most stunning monsters.

So, be warned! There are spoilers below for the Digimon Adventure reboot. Proceed at your own discretion!!

For those who are caught up with Digimon Adventure's most recent episode, we know you are dying to talk about the comeback. The anime went live with a new episode this week which followed up on a big cliffhanger. Taichi and Ishida last left fans jittery as they faced down an ultimate virus, but the opponent was left reeling when a certain Digivolution showed up.

digimon omnimon
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Yes, it was Omnimon who fans got a look at in the last moments of episode two, but this new episode finally gave the monster room to roam. The gnarly monster was as sleek as fans remember, and it wasn't afraid to dish out some serious hit points. The fused Digimon evolution ended up wrecking his foe, leaving Taichi and Ishida in total awe of their monsters' combined power.

Of course, this move was telegraphed with episode two, but fans are geeking over Omnimon this week after seeing him in battle. The evolution originally appeared in the first Digimon movie. Now, this reboot is flipping the script with how early it introduced this endgame evolution. Fans are eager to see what else Digimon Adventure does in its run, so here's to hoping the fusion makes an appearance before too-too long.


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