Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Shares Sora's Upsetting Secret

Digimon Adventure was always strict about its rules for the DigiDestined, and that means our [...]

Digimon Adventure was always strict about its rules for the DigiDestined, and that means our heroes were always going to lose their partners. Netizens were told long ago that Digimon are powered by the potential in children, and anyone who grew too old would lose their connection to the Digital World as they knew it. That is the central issue presented in the new film Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, and it made for one of the movie's most upsetting reveals.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers down below for the latest Digimon Adventure movie:

If you have checked out the movie, you will know there is something up with Sora the entire time. The heroine was seen sparsely throughout the movie, and fans were left to wonder why. That is because the film was hiding a secret about her. By the end of the feature, fans are informed Sora lost her Digimon partner long before Tai or Matt had to worry about losing theirs.

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The revelation comes during the final battle as Digimon and DigiDestined unite from around the world. Sora is shown in a quick scene, and she is seen holding a broken Digivice. This implies her connection to Biyomon has already been severed, and Sora is left to cheer on her friends from afar.

Obviously, this detail is an upsetting one as some fans spent time waiting for Sora and her partner to show up. Biyomon might take part in the movie, but it is not because of Sora or any of our original heroes. She is not the first to undergo the loss of a partner, and given the franchise's rules, she will not be the last. Matt and Tai learn that the hard way when they are separated from their friends for good. But in true fashion, the pair are sure they'll see their partners again... so we are holding out hope for Sora too!

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