New 'Digimon Adventure' Movie Shares Designs Of Its Older Heroes

Digimon has enjoyed a nice homecoming in the wake of its original series’ sequel, and it seems [...]

Digimon has enjoyed a nice homecoming in the wake of its original series' sequel, and it seems the franchise has more to do. After all, Digimon Adventure is slated to release a new anime film next year, and fans just got a first-look at its cast.

So, if you are ready to see what the DigiDestined look like all grown up, then your time has come.

Recently, fans flocked to social media when a scan from a recent magazine in Japan went live. The brand-new issue houses new details about the upcoming Digimon venture, and it shows off its adorable cast of adult DigiDestined.

Naturally, Matt and Tai can be seen standing side by side in the visual. Despite being a bit shorter, Tai makes up some height with his hair, and he's still rocking his classic goggles even after all these years. As for Matt, the second-in-command is looking slick in some white skinny jeans, and his bright blond hair will make all the fangirls swoon.

Of course, these two are not the only DigiDestined heroes showcased. The original squad can be found here in full, so Kari and T.K. and Sora are easy to spot. All of the heroes look like they are enjoying their young adult years in this design breakdown, so fans can expect them to have some big adventures when this new film drops.

So far, there are very few details out about the 20th anniversary Digimon film. The film will see the kids all aged up to 22, and Toei Animation has tapped some familiar talent to oversee the venture. Seki Hiromi, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, and Kenji Watanabe will return from the original Digimon anime to serve as supervisor, character designer, and Digimon designer respectively.

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For those unfamiliar with Digimon, the series was originally conceived by Bandai, Toei Animation, and WiZ in 1997 as a way to capitalize on the virtual pet craze sparked by Tamagotchi. The franchise focus on its titular "Digital Monsters," monsters that live in a parallel, digital world that came from mankind's technology. The franchise had its first anime adaptation, Digimon Adventure, which focuses on a group of children known as the DigiDestined (or "Chosen Children" in Japan) that are transported to the world of Digimon and have to fight the various evil digital beasts that roam the land.