Digimon Star Promises to Remix Theme Song on One Condition

Digimon Adventure has been on a hot streak this past year, and it is thanks to its reboot. The anime's original series was updated decades after its release, and fans have given all sorts of love to the new series. Of course, this renewed interest has fans paying the original anime a visit, and it turns out one of the show's stars is willing to remix the iconic Digimon Adventure theme.

That is, for a cost. There is one condition voice actor Joshua Seth has for doing a fan-requested remix of the Digimon Adventure theme song. Netizens need to bolster his followers count if they want to hear Taichi sing the whole theme song.

Over on Twitter, Seth made the promise after a fan asked the actor to sing the Digimon Adventure theme song in Tai's voice. This is an enticing challenge as you can imagine, and Seth says he's game so long as he can get 10,000 followers first.

"Ok if you guys can get me to over 10,000 followers I’ll sing the Digimon theme song in Tai’s voice," Seth wrote to his fans.


Of course, hundreds of fans were quick to share this message as they want to hear Tai's take on the opening theme. The song is an iconic one, and it continues to follow the Digimon franchise to this day. "Butter-Fly" by Koji Wada has become pretty much inseparable from the DigiDestined kids. It would be a treat to hear Tai give the theme song a crack, so netizens need to rally another 1,500 fans to follow Seth ASAP.

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