Digimon Adventure Titles Tease Next Mega Evolution Debut

Digimon Adventure's next episode titles tease the Mega Evolution debut of a major fan-favorite! Digimon Adventure's 20th Anniversary reboot anime series is getting ready to head into its final major arc as the DigiDestined are making their way to FAGA in an attempt to keep Millenniumon from breaking his seal and unleashing darkness into the Digital World. The series recently debuted a trailer and teaser poster hyping up the upcoming debuts of the other Mega Evolutions for the partner Digimon, and the titles for the next few episodes of the series tease when the next one will be on the way.

The recent string of episodes have seen the DigiDestined get a bit of a break from all the intensity with a few episodic adventures, but it seems that now it won't just be Tai and Agumon who has reached not only one but two Mega Evolutions at this point. As like the other titles in the series, it's a major spoiler so read on only to see which Mega Evolution is coming next and when:

Digimon MetalGarurumon
(Photo: Toei Animation)

As broken down by @Wikimon_news on Twitter, the titles for Episode 44 through 47 are as follows (with the next Mega Evolution likely coming in Episode 45 of the series):

  • Episode 44 - "Hikari and the Moving Forest)
  • Episode 45 - "Start Up, Metal Garurumon"
  • Episode 46 - "The Holy Sword of Hope"
  • Episode 47 - "Scoundrels of the Wasteland"

So it seems that we'll be seeing Matt and Gabumon reach their Mega Evolution level next with Episode 45 of the series. This will hopefully kick off a string of episodes featuring the other Mega Evolutions, but we'll see if this plays out with the same rapid pace of evolutions and reveals that the Ultimate Evolutions did early on in the new series. This also depends on how many episodes there are left for the series as well.

Digimon Adventure was first revealed to be running for 66 episodes in a licensing pamphlet early when the series was announced, and it seems like this will continue to be the case as it's beginning its final arc with the 40 episodes mark. The Devimon arc that kicked things off lasted for quite a while as well, but at least it means we'll be seeing more Mega Evolutions soon enough!

What do you think? Excited to see MetalGarurumon in the new Digimon Adventure series? Which new Mega Evolution are you most looking forward to in the reboot series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!