Digimon Fan Gives Angemon a Live-Action Makeover

The digital monsters of Digimon have returned with a brand new anime that reboots the events of Digimon Adventure, and one fan has celebrated the return of the Digi-Destined with a brand new piece of art that imagines what one of the most powerful creatures in the franchise, Angemon, would look like in the real world! Angemon appeared during one of the biggest arcs of the anime, making frequent appearances following its introduction in both the television series, movies, and video games that all fell under the banner of Digimon. With the new reboot, it's surely only a matter of time until he returns!

When the Digi-Destined were pitted against the dark creature known as Devimon, they gained an unexpected surprise when Patamon decided to kick things into high gear by transforming into its "Champion status" with the form of Angemon. Appearing as a humanistic like angel, Angemon proves itself to be one of the most powerful Champion class digital monsters around, managing to overpower Devimon and becoming a much needed ace up the sleeves of the Digi-Destined themselves. With the new anime re-telling the story of the children who dropped into the digital world in order to save it, it's pretty much a certainty that Patamon will once again take on this Champion transformation to assist them.

Reddit Artist Shimhaq98 drew an absolutely stunning interpretation of the heavenly figure that has become one of the most popular digital monsters in the long life of the franchise that is Digimon, proving that the series definitely has some unique takes from its "sister series" of Pokemon:

Tried to recreate one of my favourite scenes from the original series with Angemon here! from r/digimon

As mentioned earlier, Angemon is an example of how the digital monster anime franchise takes more human designs from the likes of Pokemon and applies them to put together creations that stun in both appearance and in battle. Unlike Pokemon however, the evolutions of Digimon aren't permanent and when Angemon's task is completed, or its energy is running low, it will transform back to its earlier forms and retain a more manageable size for the Digi-Destined. It will be interesting to see what differences the creation has in the reboot of the anime when/if it should appear once again!

What do you think of this realistic take on the Digimon of Angemon? What other digital monsters would you like to see receive similar treatment? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Digimon!