Disney+ to Enter Anime Streaming War with Several Original Series

Disney+ is one of the biggest threats to Netflix on the scene, and the streaming service isn't letting up its grip. From Marvel to Star Wars and all of its Disney classics, there is something for everyone to watch on the service. And now, the company has confirmed it is ready to expand its hold into the world of anime.

So, yes - you did read that right. Disney+ is getting in on the anime game to join others like Netflix and Sony in their pursuit of animation domination.

The report comes straight from Disney+ itself (via Deadline) as the company unveiled its Asia-Pacific titles. These original series and licenses were curated by Disney's global team for consumers, and as it turns out, four anime titles are on the list. Not only is Disney+ ready to adapt the hugely popular Twisted Wonderland mobile game into an anime, but it is also animating Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall, Yojohan Time Machine Blues, and Summer Time Rendering.

"[Disney is] combining the global resources of the company with the best content creators from Asia Pacific to develop and produce original stories on Disney+," Luke Kang, president of Disney Asia Pacific, shared in a new statement. "With over-the-top services going mainstream, emergence of world-class content from Asia Pacific and rising consumer sophistication, we believe that this is the right time for us to deepen our collaboration with the region's best content creators to deliver unparalleled storytelling to global audiences."

For those curious about these specific anime titles, you can read up on them below. At this time, no release window has been shared for these Disney+ exclusives, but fans are understandably curious how they will fare. Not long ago, Disney+ put out its first original anime with Star Wars: Visions, and the https://comicbook.com/anime/news/star-wars-visions-review-a-must-watch-for-fans-in-every-galaxy/. So for now, netizens are remaining hopeful about these shows on the horizon.

Black Rock Shooter Dawn Fall: "A Japanese reboot animation of Black★Rock Shooter, a popular character with global fans that has spawned music, action figures, games, and animation."

Summer Time Rendering: "A Japanese animation based on one of the top manga titles with a cumulative total of more than 130 million page views on the Japanese web manga app Shonen Jump +."

Yojohan Time Machine Blues: "New Japanese animated series is the sequel to The Tatami Galaxy. It's the latest work by writer Tomihiko Morimi and production studio Science SARU."

Twisted Wonderland: "An anime series adaptation of Disney's popular mobile game by Aniplex."

What do you make of the service's pivot with anime? Are you hyped about any of these series? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.