One of Japan's Anime Icons Is Sending Fans a Hopeful Message from a Post-Coronavirus Future

The anime character of Doraemon has been around the country of Japan for some time, first appearing in 1969 as a robot cat who is visiting from the 22nd century, and now the widely known feline is delivering a message of hope from "the future" to those in the present that are dealing with the coronavirus. Thoughout the years, the mechanicaly cat has appeared in a number of its own anime series, as well as a manga that ran for several decades.

The anime industry itself has been hit hard, like so many other industries by the coronavirus pandemic, with a number of manga and television series being postponed in the face of the virus that has left many self-quarantining in an effect to stop its spread. Series like My Hero Academia, One Piece, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and many more have seen a monkey wrench thrown into the release of their series. While many series have lent their characters to spread the word about what they need to do to battle the virus, Doraemon has decided to join in the rally cry.

SoraNews24 shared the message of hope from the 22nd Century shared by Doraemon, letting anime fans and the general populace know that the precautions that they have taken in the face of the coronavirus pandemic to assist in "flattening the curve":

“Because you stayed home for us. Because you washed your hands for us. Because you thought about your families. Because you and your friends supported each other. Because you always remembered to be kind. Because you helped the people who got sick. Because you worked to help others. Because you didn’t give up on the future. Because you did that, we’re OK. The future is happy and healthy.”

(Photo: Fujiko Fujio)

Doraemon was recently featured in a bizarre commercial with Hollywood star Bruce Willis, who has headed countless numbers of productions such as Die Hard, The Sixth Sense, and Pulp Fiction to name a few. In the commercial, Willis is seen transforming into the feline from the future and dawning the famous propeller atop his head in one of the most insane advertisements that we've ever seen in our lives. Needless to say, the crossover has to be one of the weirdest bi-products of the world of anime and advertising meeting one another.

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