Dr. Stone Releases Statement on Keiji Fujiwara's Death

One of the greatest voice actors in the world of anime today has passed, and with Keiji Fujiwara providining so many franchises with some of their biggest characters, one of the most popular anime series has given their condolences via an official statement from the production committee for Dr. Stone. The series, which focuses on the story of the intelligent teenage genius named Senku attempting to restore the world that is cursed with a "stone affliction", used Keiji's performance to bring to life the protagonist's adoptive father named Byakuya, who helped teach his son about the world of science.

Byakuya Ishigami was a man who lived in the world of science, spending his time as an astronaut attempting to explore the stars and setting a good example for Senku when it came to learning more about the universe and the stars within it. Keiji Fujiwara did an excellent performance for Byakuya, blending his carefree personality with a deep love of science. With Fujiwara having just passed, creative minds that worked with the voice actor and fans alike are sharing their thoughts on the actor and sending out positive vibes to the world via social media and other platforms.

The Official Twitter Account for Dr. Stone shared the production committee's sympathies in response to Keiji Fujiwara's passing, as well as their prayers, for the voice actor who was able to help the series become the popular franchise it is today:

The official translation for this statement reads as such:

"Keiji Fujiwara, who played the role of Hyakuya Ishigami, the father of Chiku Ishikawa in the anime "Dr. STONE", has passed away. We would like to express our deepest sympathies here and pray his soul.


"Dr. Stone" Production Committee."

Our thoughts are with Fujiwara's loved ones during this difficult time.