Dragon Ball Shares How Freeza's Return Has Changed The Game For Villains

Dragon Ball 'sSuper new story arc has revealed just how Freeza's resurrection has shaken things up for all the crooks and evildoers in Universe 7. That little bit of insight comes with Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68, which marks the beginning of the new "Granola The Survivor" story arc. The new storyline follows the mysterious new warrior Granola, a bounty hunter who took on the job of nabbing Android OG73 on behalf of Dragon Ball Super's new villains, The Heeters. It's that pirate group's leader, Elec, who breaks down just how the news of Freeza's return is shaking up the underworld.

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 68 SPOILERS Follow!

Elec causes a problem with Granola when he tells the bounty hunter that there are no jobs for him to complete, after retrieving OG73. The reason? Freeza's back.

"The state of things in the universe is shifting," Elec tells Granola. "So we don't gat any assignments at the moment. Freeza's been revived... Doesn't matter it happened, it's bad for business. When people're running scared, they ain't fired up to make deals."

The opening act of this new Granola arc reveals that The Freeza Force and their Saiyan Great Apes were the ones responsible for wiping out Granola's home planet, Cerealia. Granola thinks that Freeza is dead and the Saiyans instinct before this pivotal moment occurs, and now he knows that at least Freeza is back. Needless to say, Granola wants revenge on Freeza for what he did.

However, Elec isn't having it; he orders that Granola not "even try it... Freeza's back and somehow stronger than ever, so you'd be playing with fire. Probably wouldn't stand a chance."

Dragon Ball Super 68 Spoilers Freeza vs Granola Heeters Origin Explained
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This chapter of Dragon Ball Super makes it clear that the criminals of Universe 7 have been enjoying some nice spoils since Freeza's been dead. As Elec implies, the lack of a major evil overlord in the universe allowed a lot of smaller players to get into the market and make a nice illicit living for themselves. Freeza doesn't need to even go on an iron-fisted rampage across the universe to re-establish his rep; it's clear his name still rings enough bells to make the entire galactic underworld shift in accordance, just knowing he's back. However, that doesn't mean the underworld is just going to lay down and take Freeza standing on their necks.


Indeed, Elec winds Granola up to point him like a gun at Freeza's head. Granola is now on the power-up hunt so he can take down Freeza, while Elec is using OG73 to secure what he sees as the true new power in the universe: unlimited intel.

Dragon Ball Super's new Granola The Survivor arc is now unfolding in Free Online Manga chapters. Dragon Ball anime is on indefinite hiatus.