Dragon Ball Gets Custom LEGO Creation for Kami's Lookout

Dragon Ball fans are a sucker for merch, and the anime has enough toys out there to weigh down even Goku. Over the decades, thousands of Dragon Ball products have flooded the market, but there is one area still untouched by the series. After all, LEGO has never branched into Dragon Ball Z, but one fan has paid homage to the anime with their own custom creation.

Over on Reddit, the user CaptainJuucie got fans buzzing when they shared their take on Kami's Lookout. The fan decided it was time to model a version of the island using LEGO, and the results are pretty fantastic.

LEGO Dragon Ball - Kami's Lookout [OC] from r/dbz

As you can see above, Kami's Lookout is gorgeous in its micro-scale. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber can be seen housed in the center of the island with trees adorning its front wall. There are bushes and trees scattered around the island's boundaries, and the whole thing appears to float thanks to some clear structural pillars.

According to the builder, this Dragon Ball model also splits open so fans can take a peek on the inside. What awaits them at the center is a micro-scale of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber's innards. All that's missing here are some miniature figures of Vegeta or Goku. So if other fans want to get started on that task, we support you!


Clearly, this build is done without a licensed kit, but fans aren't giving up hope that LEGO will one day embrace Dragon Ball for real. The franchise is truly global at this point, and it has plenty of builds for LEGO to option. After all, it would be nice to have an official LEGO kit for Capsule Corps, but fans will take just about anything at this point.

What do you make of this custom LEGO build? Does Dragon Ball need to share the licensing love with the brick-building brand? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.