Dragon Ball Debunked: Does Freeza Have A Son?

There are plenty of rumors regarding Dragon Ball on the Internet, and it can be hard sussing out fact from fiction. The franchise has rolled out so much content that sifting through it is a challenge, but that has not stopped fans from asking important questions in the name of debunking. So if you are curious about whether or not Freeza has a son, no worries.

The answer to that question is yes, believe it or not. Kuriza is the tyrant’s son, and he made his debut in a short-lived gag manga years ago.

Way back when, Dragon Ball got its own parody manga called Neko Majin, and it was there Kuriza came to life. As the series began incorporating actual leads from the anime, its sequel decided it was time to bring in an actual original villain. Akira Toriyama felt a Freeza-like baddie would do well, so Kuriza was introduced to the world.

The pint-sized villain looks similar to his father though their heads are shaped a bit differently. Kuriza also shares the same spoilt attitude that Freeza rocks, but that’s not all; The pair are similarly powerful, and Neko Majin Z even forces the baddie into his Final Form during one particularly intense fight.

While this gag manga firmly puts Kuriza in a non-canon section of Dragon Ball lore, fans still like to ask after the villain even in 2019. The character has not been seen for some time, but he was added to Dragon Ball Heroes several years ago. After making an appearance in Dragon Ball Z 2 for the PlayStation 2, this arcade franchise is the last series to check in on Kuriza. So, who knows? Maybe Toriyama has something in mind for Freeza’s son down the line... and it would be best if fans don’t think too hard about how Kuriza even came to be in the first place.

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