Dragon Ball: Vegeta Actor Remembers Goku's Late Actor Kirby Morrow in Poignant Post

Earlier this week, anime fans were stunned to learn about the death of Kirby Morrow. The voice actor, who made a name for himself with several major TV roles in anime and animation, passed away on November 18 at the age of 47. The tragic announcement brought the fandom together as netizens remembered the Dragon Ball and Inuyasha star for his superb work. As you can imagine, Morrow's colleagues did the same online, and the voice of Vegeta in Dragon Ball's Ocean dub is sharing his own touching memorial for his friend.

Taking to Twitter, Brian Drummond shared a message with fans after news of Morrow's death was shared. The actor, who played Vegeta in the Ocean dub, said he always envied his friend's voice. And in the wake of Morrow's passing, Drummond is wishing his friend the greatest peace there is.

"Such an amazing voice actor gone far far too soon. Over 20yrs working together on so many wonderful projects. I always envied Kirby's cool af hero voice & it will always be the #DragonBallZ Goku I hear. Such great memories. Tremendous travels to you my friend. Rest in Peace Kirby," the actor wrote.

Most recently, fans could heard Morrow's work on the show Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon as the actor reprised his role as Miroku. The voice actor first played the role in Inuyasha, and he oversaw the role from there on out. Asides from Dragon Ball, Morrow also enjoyed work on iconic anime series such as Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Death Note, and more. He also voiced characters like Cyclops in X-Men: Evolution. As for his live-action work, Morrow was best-known by Stargate fans for playing Capatain Dave Kleinman.

Our thoughts are with all of Morrow's loved ones during this difficult time. May he rest in peace.