Dragon Ball: Luis Alfonso Mendoza, the Latin Dub Voice of Gohan, Has Been Killed

Today, the Dragon Ball community is coming together to mourn one of its greatest talents. A recent report from Mexico has confirmed Luis Alfonso Mendoza, a famous dub actor in Latin America, has been killed in a triple homicide. He was 55 years old.

According to local news authorities, Mendoza was said to have been killed recently after getting involved in a dispute. Mendoza. Was said to have died after arguing with a tenant renting studio space from him. The assailant also killed Mendoza's wife and brother-in-law before attempting suicide.

Currently, the attacker is alive after failing to kill themselves, but he is currently in serious condition.

Of course, fans were stunned by the horrifying news at Mendoza is a well-known actor to anime fans. Not only is the actor a veteran in the Latin dub scene, but Mendoza voiced Gohan for a great many days. Mendoza voiced Gohan's older self in Latin up until his tragic death ever since he got the gig in 1996.

Aside from anime like Dragon Ball, Mendoza had a healthy career beyond the medium. He voiced Buggs Bun (and Daffy Duck) in Latin America and joined other series like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and more.


Our thoughts and condolences are with Mendoza's loved ones at this difficult time.

via Cartoon Brew