Someone Really Retold ‘Dragon Ball’ Through Emojis

These days, emojis are a go-to means of communication. After all, who needs words when you can convey a thought with a series of cartoonish avatars? Clearly, there is one fan of Dragon Ball out there who knows the powers of emojis.

You know, since someone did just retell the series with just emojis.

Over the holidays, Dragon Ball’s premiere forum on Reddit went hard with meme-loving posts. The celebration saw dozens of trolls flood the thread, but one user by the name of Cipher_- went the extra mile.

As you can see here, the fan retold the first arc of Dragon Ball with nothing but emojis. The lengthy post got fans up in arms thanks to its hilarious rendition, and netizens were stunned that they could make sense of the collage.

As you can see, the start of the collage minimally retells how Goku meets Bulma. A cute monkey emoji stands in the place of Goku, and the tree emoji next to him symbolizes the forest he’s combing through. The next line then brings in Bulma, but the girl emoji sadly doesn’t rock any blue hair. The retelling goes on as Goku and Bulma meet before the young boy tells Bulma all about Shenron. The scene then changes with a ‘Soon’ emoji acting as a segue, and fans are then introduced to a Sea Turtle who eventually leads them to Master Roshi himself.


The lengthy code only interprets the first part of Dragon Ball, but fans seem to be loving the translation. There’s no telling if the code will continue on to Dragon Ball’s ‘Red Ribbon Army’ venture or even into Dragon Ball Z. For now, fans can just enjoy this hilarious rendition of Akira Toriyama’s franchise and jumpstart their own emoji game.

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