Dragon Ball Art Gives Gohan and Piccolo's New Forms Retro Makeover

Piccolo and Gohan have been a team since the earliest episodes of Dragon Ball Z, with the son of Goku helping the former Demon King join the light side as well as see the better side of humanity. With the two Z-Fighters set to play a major role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, one fan artist has taken the opportunity to imagine what the new transformations of both Gohan and Piccolo would look like if they had debuted years ago. 

Warning. If you are looking to avoid spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, steer clear as we'll be diving into spoiler territory as well as showing off the new transformations of Gohan and Piccolo.

In order to fight against Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, Piccolo wishes on the power of the Eternal Dragon, giving the Namekian not just one new transformation wherein his potential is unlocked, but with a second that drastically changes the color of his skin along with his overall look. On top of this, Gohan unlocks his newest form in "Gohan Beast", which causes his hair to grow dramatically and turn a shade of grey in order to fight against the power of Cell Max. 

Twitter Artist Fantastic Youth 7 shared this new take on Orange Piccolo and Gohan Beast, which will premiere in North American theaters this August and might drastically change the power dynamic in the Shonen series moving forward:

In a recent interview, Akira Toriyama discussed why he decided to change Piccolo so dramatically with his transformation and how the Namekian's lack of hair made this essential:

"My favorite character is Piccolo, because of his quiet stoicism. It's rare to see him talk and run around as much as he does this time around and this is also probably the first time he's gotten a proper transformation. Since he doesn't have any hair to stick straight up, I tried making him really buff instead. But I figured on its own this would make it kinda hard to tell he had transformed, so I also made him orange, although there are probably still times when it's hard to tell the difference between this and his normal form."

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