Dragon Ball Artist Perfectly Mashes Up Goku with Roadrunner

Dragon Ball fans know a thing or three about crossovers. Son Goku may not visit other series all the time, but he has traveled some. From One Piece to Toriko, the Saiyan has been around, but one Dragon Ball artist just took Goku to the most unexpected of places.

After all, it isn't like you would expect Goku to team up with the Roadrunner, but that is what Dragon Garow Lee wanted. The side story artist had the two characters meet, and it turns out Goku can outrun anyone he would like.

As you can see below, fans began to scratch their heads with a black-and-white sketch surfaced from Lee. The artist, who penned Dragon Ball: That Time I Got Reincarnated as Yamcha, decided to tackle a question. When asked if Goku could catch the Roadrunner, Lee decided Goku needed to challenge the Coyote for the right.

Can goku catch Roadrunner? (@dragongarowLEE) from r/dbz

The artwork shows Goku with his back turned to fans as he chats with Coyote. The other is more than happy to have Goku on his side as Coyote has dedicated his life to catching the Roadrunner. That blue bird has escaped Coyote one too many times, but it seems like Goku could catch the bird.

If anything, Roadrunner would be in for a big surprise when Goku uses Instant Transmission. The Saiyan can stop just about anyone with that power, and he's fast without it. After all, Goku is the man who ran across Snake Way to reach King Kai, so the hero knows a thing about perseverance. And if he cannot catch the Roadrunner, it is safe to say no one can!


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