Dragon Ball and Attack On Titan Clash in This Eren vs Vegeta Fan-Film

Attack On Titan's fourth season has hit anime fans like a sledgehammer, giving Eren Jaeger a big new mission that has seemingly changed the character that we knew in seasons past, and one fan has decided to make a dazzling animation that pits the protagonist of Hajime Isayama's franchise against the Prince of the Saiyans from the Dragon Ball franchise! Though we would imagine that Vegeta would make short work of the Attack Titan at his current power level, the Vegeta of the Saiyan Saga, as pictured in this fan film, might have a bit more trouble taking down Eren!

Since the beginning of their respective anime franchises, Vegeta and Eren have come a long way, both when it comes to their levels of strength as well as their personalities. While the Prince of the Saiyans has definitely evened out, allowing the citizens and temperament of the Earth, Eren has been struggling with the world around him. Arriving in the nation of Marley undercover to take the war directly to his enemies, the youngest Jaeger sibling's personality and appearance have changed sharply since last we saw him at the conclusion of the third season of the anime! Though there has yet to be an official crossover between these two anime series, it would certainly make for a big tussle.

Reddit User Yum Squid 27 shared this impressive fan animation that has Eren Jaeger transforming into the Attack Titan to battle against the Prince of the Saiyans in his first incarnation, arriving on the scene in Dragon Ball Z as a villain rather than the anti-hero that we've come to know over the years:

Eren vs Vegeta fan animation! from r/ShingekiNoKyojin

While Dragon Ball Super is currently focusing on a brand new saga by the name of "Granolah The Survivor Arc", Attack On Titan is currently prepping to make its curtain call, presenting the final battle of the Survey Corps. Without going too far into spoiler territory, Eren has gained an insane amount of power in the final chapters of the Hajime Isayama created tale and might in fact present a serious challenge to the Prince of the Saiyans!

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