Watch: Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama Draws Goku Freehand

Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama has created one of the most legendary anime franchises in the world, and for fans wanting to see the process of drawing some of your most beloved Shonen characters, you can watch the master draw Son Goku! Toriyama began the Dragon Ball franchise back in the 1980s, starting the series off with Goku as a child, linking up with the likes of Bulma and Yamcha in search of the mystical items that will summon the Eternal Dragon in order to grant any wish. As the series continues, it's clear that Toriyama still has his artistic chops!

The Dragon Ball series continues to this day with anime, manga, and video game installments, detailing the stories of Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters as their power levels increase exponentially. Goku has clearly changed significantly throughout the three big installments of the Dragon Ball franchise, with Dragon Ball Z introducing the idea of his hair changing color as a result of his big power ups. With Super Saiyan giving him a blond makeover, Dragon Ball Super gave the Saiyan warrior red hair, blue hair, and even silver hair with the recent acquisition of the Ultra Instinct technique!

Twitter User DBSHype shared the amazing video that shows us a sped up version of Akira Toriyama drawing one of the biggest characters in anime history, as well as coloring in Goku and his clothing that have become such a staple to the Dragon Ball franchise:

Akira Toriyama is most well known for the Dragon Ball franchise by leaps and bounds, but has also created some other big names in the world of animation and video games. Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest, Blue Dragon, and Dr. Slump are just a few of the properties both in the world of video games and anime that Toriyama assisted in creating, bringing his unique artistic style to each of these series. While the Dragon Ball series continues and is far and away the most popular franchise that Toriyama has created, it's fantastic to see his other works continue to flourish in the minds of fans as the years pass.


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