Dragon Ball Creator Dives Into The Joke Behind Piccolo's New Form Name

Since the Android Saga, Piccolo hasn't been able to keep up with the Saiyans when it comes to their overall power levels, with Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan accessing the likes of Ultra Instinct, Ultra Ego, and Mystic Form to name a few. With Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero set to even the playing field for the Namekian, creator Akira Toriyama has taken the opportunity to further explore the hilarious joke of Piccolo's new transformation and how it was named.      

Warning. If you want to avoid spoilers for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, steer clear as we'll be diving into some big ones for the upcoming Shonen film.

While marketing for the movie has shown us Piccolo's new "Smooth Piccolo" form which gives him a lighter skin color and erases the lines from his arms, the film also grants Piccolo a wild new transformation dubbed "Orange Piccolo". Taking the opportunity to dive into this new power-up, creator Akira Toriyama dives into his love for the Namekian as well as the gag behind his new transformation:

"My favorite character is Piccolo, because of his quiet stoicism. It's rare to see him talk and run around as much as he does this time around and this is also probably the first time he's gotten a proper transformation. Since he doesn't have any hair to stick straight up, I tried making him really buff instead, but I figured on its own this would make it kinda hard to tell he had transformed, so I also made him orange, although there are probably still times when it's hard to tell the difference between this and his normal form.

Maybe I should've made it a bit more over-the-top, but personally, I'm just happy that he's finally obtained battle power on par with Goku and company. Doesn't the name "Orange Piccolo" sound like something he'd come up with? Since Piccolo's not good at naming things."


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