Dragon Ball: Deliverance Seals Legendary Status with the Debut of Episode 3

"Dragon Ball: Deliverance" is one of the most fabled fan-anime out there. The show made its debut two years ago, and it racked up millions of hits along the way. Fans have been waiting for the anime to drop its third episode for a while now, and it seems the wait was worth it. After all, the third episode went live this weekend, and fans are admittedly blown away by its Shintani-inspired art.

You can check out the episode above as "Dragon Ball: Deliverance" delivered its new episode. The third episode comes in at just over 40 minutes if you are wanting something meaty to watch. And thanks to its dubbed audio, the fan-anime is perfectly easy to understand.

"This production was undoubtedly on the highest level we could achieve, almost impossible to describe it with words ...more than a year of work, something you have to experience in order to understand," creator The Notorious Luke captioned the video on Youtube. A slew of creators came together to make this third episode possible as well as actors. Original music was even composed for the fan-anime, so it goes without saying this show is on a whole other level.

Obviously, this fan-anime is not held canon to the actual Dragon Ball lore, but its story feels rather natural. The introduction of Majuub suits the series perfectly, and fans are even reunited with an older Uub in this episode. So if you want a brief recap and synopsis for this new "Dragon Ball: Deliverance" episode, you can check out its official blurb below:

"After accepting a request from a mysterious group, it seems they cannot be trusted. In the blink of an eye, the Z-fighters got scattered across Namek. Each of them facing their own adversary.

Majuub quickly overpowered his opponent. After losing his will to fight, he decided to take his own life over being captured. Bra and Pan have gathered their courage and decide to face their opponent head-on.


Goten and Trunks have decided to pool their powers together and bring forth Gotenks, but even that wasn’t enough, receiving devastating blows in the process. And as for Gohan, his fate is taking a turn for the worse! What happened to Gohan, what is Hydra, and what is this ancient world? Time to find out!"

What do you think about this fan-anime after checking it out? Where does it rank against spin-off series like Dragon Ball Heroes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.