Let Your Dog Go Super Saiyan with This Dragon Ball Z Costume

Halloween might look a little different this year because of the pandemic, but that does not mean your costume plans have been ruined. Whether you are staying in or going out, there is always to dress up on the spooky holiday. Of course, that is why a good number of fans will dress up as Dragon Ball heroes, and one netizen is showing how your dog can get in on the action.

Over on Reddit, the user Neobobfalcon caught the eyes of fans after they posted a little photo. The surfaced shot shows an adorable pup in full Super Saiyan costume, and we cannot stress our love for this Dragon Ball look enough.

As you can see below, the look shows the tiny dog mid-yawn which could be mistaken for a scream here. After all, Saiyans love to shout when they power up, and this dog would be no different. Their emotions must be strung high enough to okay the transformation as the dog is rocking a blond wig. And yes, the wig's sections are traced black to mimic the artistic style of Dragon Ball

Next time on DBS, Goku gets turned into a dog. from r/Dragonballsuper

The rest of the outfit is pretty simple. You can find Dragon Ball pet outfits online, and some animals may be able to wear toddler-sized clothing after a few safety alterations are made. The most difficult part of this look will be keeping thee wig on right, but if your dog is meant to carry the heaven crown, then the golden hair won't be a challenge for the pooch.

What do you make of this Halloween costume? Will your pet be going Super Saiyan this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.