'Dragon Ball' Creator Reveals Alternate Designs of 'Buu' Saga Gohan

Over the years, Akira Toriyama has given his Dragon Ball heroes makeovers as needed, but fans did not like one of them. After the 'Cell' saga came to an end, Gohan got aged up and given a brand-new look that fans weren't pleased with. And, once you see Toriyama's alternate designs for the Saiyan, you may feel like kicking something.

Over on Reddit, some of the creator's alternate designs for Gohan are now recirculating with fans. The sketches, which can be seen below, show some of the looks Toriyama tested before he settled on Gohan's final 'Majin Buu' saga style.

Obviously, the original designs look very different from what fans got in the end.

gohan dbz
(Photo: Shueisha / Akira Toriyama )

As you can see, Gohan's look to the far left sees the Saiyan in a style Chichi would love. Gohan looks every bit of a scholar with his belted slacks, cropped jacket, and baseball cap with a backpack on to boot. However, it is Gohan's far right outfit that has fans feeling nostalgic.

If you think Gohan's look seems familiar, then you are not the only one. Fans are clamoring over Gohan's righthand look thanks to its uncanny connection to Future Trunk's outfit. When Vegeta's time traveling son came to Dragon Ball Z, he sported an open cargo jacket with high-waisted pants. Gohan is easily channeling Trunk's look in one of these original sketches, but Toriyama ultimately chose to pass on the tie-in.


Instead, Gohan entered the 'Majin Buu' arc with his hair styled back and Gi usually ripped open. Fans tend to say Gohan's hairstyle is what irks them the most about his look since he differed greatly from his 'Cell' saga aesthetic. But, hey - at least the boy didn't pull a Piccolo or Krillin. If Gohan was given a bald head by Toriyama as an adult, the fandom would have lost it way back when.

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