Dragon Ball: Goku Actress Celebrates the Saiyan with a Great Ape Impression

Masako Nozawa has been playing the part of Son Goku for decades now, starting when he was a child [...]

Masako Nozawa has been playing the part of Son Goku for decades now, starting when he was a child in the original series of Dragon Ball and well into his adult life as he learns transformations like Super Saiyan Blue and Ultra Instinct within Dragon Ball Super, and the voice actress has celebrated Goku Day via a giant golden ape. The Oozaru might not appear as often in the Saiyan race since the level of Super Saiyan was discovered, but the giant ape form has definitely left an impression on fans of Akira Toriyama's Shonen series since the very beginning.

As Dragon Ball fans know, Saiyans can call upon the power of the Oozarus by looking into a moon while also still having their tails attached to themselves. In the early episodes of the franchise, Goku did not realize that he was a part of the Saiyan race and could transform into the destructive force of nature. With the likes of Goku and Gohan, it was imperative to remove their tails as soon as possible in order to stem the destructive force of the giant apes that were hidden within them.

The Official Twitter Account for Aoni shared this brief clip that sees Nozawa celebrating Goku Day with a large statue of the Golden Oozaru, who first appeared in the sequel series of Dragon Ball GT, ushering in the new fan-favorite transformation known as Super Saiyan 4:

Though Masako Nozawa is definitely most known for her work on Dragon Ball, she has appeared in several other anime series, including the likes of Pokemon, One Piece, and Lupin The 3rd to name a few. Nozawa will of course more than likely be reprising her role in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super film, which is set to arrive in 2022.

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