Dragon Ball Announces Stacked Celebrations for Goku Day

Every year, on May 9th, we anime fans take the opportunity to honor one of the greatest Shonen [...]

Every year, on May 9th, we anime fans take the opportunity to honor one of the greatest Shonen warriors to ever be created with Akira Toriyama's Son Goku, and this year will be no different as the Dragon Ball franchise is prepping for some major events to celebrate. While there has yet to be any news regarding the return of the main anime series of Dragon Ball Super, it is entirely possible that the upcoming Goku Day might give fans a hint as to when we can expect the series produced by Toei Animation to return.

So why is May 9th considered to be "Goku Day"? Originally, to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Dragon Ball series, that day was chosen specifically to acknowledge the Saiyan warrior thanks to how the date is pronounced in Japanese. With "5" and "9" being pronounced as "Go" and "Ku", it definitely seems obvious as to why this day in May was chosen to honor the long-running brawler that remains one of the greatest figures in the medium of Shonen series. Ironically enough, many Dragon Ball fans actually consider May 9th to be "Piccolo Day" as this was the day in the original Dragon Ball series when King Piccolo began his attack on the planet Earth.

Dragon Ball Goku Day
(Photo: Toei Animation)

For May 9th, Goku Day will have a live stream of the next Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode, which continues the "Space-Time War Arc" and hints that Vegeta will be gaining a new transformation that might put him in the running when it comes to Goku's insane transformation of Ultra Instinct.

During this live stream event, the voice cast of Dragon Ball will be in attendance and are promising a "special message" to celebrate Goku Day in style. While this might not be the announcement that signals the upcoming return of Dragon Ball Super, it would certainly make sense for them to release the news on May 9th.

Dragon Ball Super's initial run with its anime ended a little over three years ago, with the Tournament of Power arc coming to a close. Though the anime came to a close, there is now plenty of material to adapt in the forms of the Dragon Ball Super Broly movie, the Moro Arc, and the Granolah The Survivor Arc.

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