Dragon Ball Reveals New Look for Goku

As the main character of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball, Goku has had a lot of different looks over [...]

As the main character of Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball, Goku has had a lot of different looks over the years. Maybe not so many drastic makeovers as Bulma, but Goku has definitely changed his outfits here and there. They're not dramatic changes by any means as Goku likes what he likes and sticks to the simplicity of a gi that allows him to fight to his full potential. It's been a slightly different case with Super Dragon Ball Heroes as there's not only an alternate universe version of Goku (known as Goku Xeno) but a main Goku as well.

To keep up with the constantly changing times in Super Dragon Ball Heroes' increasingly wilder story arcs, Goku often updates his traditional gi look. Still keeping his weighted short sleeve under shirt along for the ride, Heroes tends to shake things up with the color scheme. It could be brighter or darker than his usual look.

With Super Dragon Ball Heroes soon entering a new expansion, the arcade game is going to launch a new promo to tease what's ahead for Goku and Vegeta. But fans got a look at Goku and Vegeta's new makeovers with a preview image that shows Goku is going into these next fights with an outfit that's just a shade darker than before:

Spotted by @DBSHype on Twitter, Goku is seen with a black undershirt, wristbands, and belt. His gi is a different shade of orange as well, and still brandishes the large "Capsule Corp" logo that marks every one of his outfits in Dragon Ball Heroes thus far. While fans are certainly more fond of his classic look, this outfit shows that Goku can grow older, change himself, and still keep the core of his original look in tact.

The Dragon Ball Heroes anime is set to continue with a second season later this Spring that will take Goku into tons of new battles. Although he was largely on the losing end of the fights this time around, perhaps a boost from a new outfit could hype him up to victory? Curious to see where Super Dragon Ball Heroes goes next? What do you think of Goku's newest outfit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!