Dragon Ball Heroes Kills off Two Frustrating Foes

Episode 15 of the Super Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime sees the main event battle between Goku and evil fused android Kamioren. It's an epic and exciting battle that pushes both fighters to new levels of power - but there could only be one outcome, in the end.

Not surprisingly, by the end of the episode, both evil androids (Kami and Oren) met their demise. May they rest in pieces. Read below for the full details on how Goku and Kamioren's battle plays out:

"Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 15 picks up with Goku in Ultra Instinct Omen form, locked into a fight with Kamioren, the fused form evil androids Kamin and Oren. Kamioren gets a major power and size boost from the power of the Universe Seed weapon, and although Goku gives the massive fused android a serious beatdown, Ultra Instinct Omen isn't enough to finish the beast off. Kamioren eventually catches Goku off-guard with a massive throat blast, but instead of being vaporized, Goku emerges from the energy attack having manifested the completed Ultra Instinct.

With the entirety of Ultra Instinct at his disposal, Goku makes quick work of Kamioren. The rest of the Z-Fighters jump in to tag-team attack, and Kamioren is taken out for good by the combo of Goku's Ultra Instinct Kamehameha blast, and a super-punch to the chest."

Since Super Dragon Ball Heroes occupies such an odd space outside the normal series continuity, it's hard to gauge just how popular (or even visible) Kami and Oren are within the larger Dragon Ball fandom, but the pair were certainly standouts of this current Dragon Ball Heroes "Universal Conflict" story arc. Their combined power was more than a match for the likes of Universe 6's Kale and Caulifla (and their fused Kefla form); as well as Vegeta and Future Trunks, and the Pride Troopers of Universe 11. More importantly, Kami and Oren's gleefully malevolent personalities were a refreshing return to the evil android heyday of Dragon Ball Z's Android Saga.


That's all to say: Kami and Oren are definitely prime candidates to be imported into the official Dragon Ball canon, as far as we're concerned... How about you?

Dragon Ball Super currently airs its English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonamiprogramming block on Saturday evenings, and is also available to stream on Funimation and Amazon Video. The Japanese-language release of the series is complete, and available to stream on FunimationNOW and Crunchyroll. The manga has chapters that can currently be read for free thanks to Viz Media, and Dragon Ball Super's big movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.